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I am cooking a roast dinner this weekend and have decided on beef as the meat. The recipe I have suggests horseradish cream as a sauce but I'm concerned that some of the family don't like spicy flavours like horseradish. What other sauces or flavours complement roast beef well?

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I also think rich mushroom sauces go well with beef. I would take a few shallots or mild onion and brown them. Add a pound of sliced portabello or crimini, or white button if you want an economical option. Sautee these until softened, then add a little flour, the pan drippings(skimming most of the fat) and a nice, bold red wine. Reduce until thickened.

A lovely mushroom garnish would be a nice touch - take the top of a mushroom, and gently push the tip of a sharp paring knife in geometric patterns around the top of the mushroom. It is easy with a little experimenting.

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Sounds lovely, thanks Eric - and sorry it has taken me so long! –  Bluebelle Aug 11 '11 at 12:15

I tend to just keep things simple, and make gravy from the drippings. You can always add a few herbs to make it more interesting if you wish.

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Though I doubt it would be any more popular than horseradish sauce since it's a strong flavor, it's common to pair blue (bleu) cheese with beef. It can almost be used straight on something like a seared steak, but for a slice of roast I would think you'd want to back off on the heavy cheese flavor. So a creamy sauce with a hint of Roquefort, Stilton or American-style blue cheese might be nice.

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When I make a roast and want to make a easy but fancy sauce I use port wine. I take about a cup of wine and a cup of beef stock put it in a large sauce pan and let it reduce way down, until maybe there is half a cup left.

I find this tastes great and doesn't over power the beef flavor. I've actually seen people drink what was left after dinner. Sometimes I let it reduce even further.

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I, also, like a basic pan sauce or pan gravy. Use the roasting juices and some decent wine - a strong Cabernet or Zinfandel and reduce. I like to finish with some fresh minced herbs, reserving some for garnish. I think thyme, sage, rosemary can all work nicely here, but not too much. For a sauce I would strain this after reducing, then whisk in some very cold butter to make a velvety pan sauce and finish it with a little of the reserved herbs.

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Butter will definitely put this pan sauce over the top. –  justkt Dec 16 '10 at 16:16

A nice dollop of English mustard.

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Nice one Jeff, can't beat a good dollop of nose clearing freshly made from mustard flour, English mustard! –  spiceyokooko Dec 7 '12 at 17:43

So the horse radish cream isn't usually served as a sauce, it's served as a condiment on the table to be added by those who like it (like mustard or ketchup).

The only sauce I would serve with roast beef is as Joe said gravy, maybe with a little red wine.

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Bread sauce with a little creamed horseradish would work well. The beauty of bread sauce is you can make it as hot or mild as you want by adding as little or as much horseradish cream as you like.

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