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In my country beef tartare is typically served with oil-fried brown bread with garlic paste on it. This is both very caloric and heavy on the stomach, not to mention the bad breath afterwards :-). Please, suggest other possible sidedishes to go with beef steak tartare. Also, please suggest more interesting ingredients for the tartare mix. We typically use ketchup, mustard, raw egg yolks and onion. I'm looking for some more interesting flavors.

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Try using the strong parts of raw green vegetable as the "bread" or cracker substitute

  • Celery stalks cut into managable pieces
  • Lettuce leaf stems or thick leaves are great, iceberg and cos lettuce have great eating stems
  • Slices of broccoli or cauliflower stem

I like my beef tartare with a few anchovies mashed in and dressed with lemon juice, no egg or onions

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I always add horseraddish. Lime is also good. And for a side, fried egg (not low fat but tasty and okay on the breath).

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For the ingredients, I like going Mediterranean. Chopped sun dried tomatoes (use the marinated ones, not the dry ones), chopped black olives (I use Kalamata, which is pretty easy to get here in Sweden), chopped Italian capers, Feta cheese, roasted garlic etc. You get the idea. But given the flavour profile of these ingredients (strong, bold flavours) I would probably not use them if I was using really good beef. Then I would want to stick to the basics and let the beef speak for itself.

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