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I don't own a heavy enamel pot, which seems to be the best for no-knead bread. Is it possible to make good no-knead bread in a glass casserole dish?

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I use the ceramic insert from a crockpot for no-knead bread. I don't think I pre-heat it. It has always come out fine. – Kenster Apr 19 '14 at 20:45
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i STRONGLY recommend against it. i can speak from experience that the sudden change in temperature can cause glass baking dishes (particularly when they go from as high of a heat required by no-knead bread to a cool room temp) to shatter and explode! i had a pyrex dish go supernova on me once, sending hot flying glass shards all over the kitchen. how i didn't get hit i'll never know, but it melted holes in our floor and left scorch marks!

more information from Consumer Reports:

you can pick up some heavy pots suitable for no-knead break baking at thrift stores and garage sales for a song. if you can find a cast-iron dutch oven, even better! i urge you to dig around a bit. the results are really worth it.

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Also most casserole dishes are too flat for the size that the basic no-knead recipe expands to. I have made the recipe in a stainless steel soup pot without any problems, even though I was originally told stainless steel didn't hold heat as well as the recommended containers. I think the keys are 1. a lid, 2. the size (roughly as round and high as you want the bread to be), and 3. WON'T EXPLODE. :) – Sara D Gore Nov 14 '12 at 13:59

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