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My pavlova turned out too soft , sticky and "gooey". Yellowish liquid was seeping out of it during and continued after baking,

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I'm not a pavlova expert, so I'm not sure if this is a common enough question to answer without more information, but it might help you get some answers if you explained how you made them. – Aaronut Jan 1 '11 at 17:24

This answer has a few troubleshooting tips, including the weeping issue: What is the best way to making a great pavlova base?

Given that yours was 'gooey' inside, perhaps it was undercooking in this case?

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Gooey is how they are meant to be on the inside, with a thin, crisp, and lightly browned shell, otherwise it's a meringue

Weeping is a common small problem, it shouldn't affect it too much, and can be corrected

Check out my post of how to make them What is the best way to making a great pavlova base?

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I'm think you overbeat the egg whites and the protein structure started to break down. Other possibilities: not adding any cornstarch or other starch to stabilize the foam, or not thoroughly dissolving the sugar.

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Weeping from what I understand is due to the sugar not being fully dissolved in the beating phase. There should be no graininess in the mixture when you go to bake.

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