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I made some chocolate cream frosting / ganache (basically just double / heavy cream with plain / bittersweet chocolate, melted and whipped up).

I ended up with twice as much as I need. Can I freeze it or will I simply have to eat it all (oh, the hardship)?

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You may absolutely freeze chocolate ganache and most other chocolate preparations. It should keep for up to a year without any noticeable change in quality.

Try to get a tight seal so it doesn't pick up other freezer odours. Use a small freezer bag if you can, and maybe put that in a hard sealable container as well. The freezing itself won't hurt the ganache at all but if it catches a whiff of those tuna casserole leftovers then you won't want to use it!

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Thank you! (But I was slightly hoping you'd say I had to eat it all now :-)) – Vicky Jan 2 '11 at 10:24
@Vicky: I know it's tempting but it'll be even better once it goes inside some truffles and cream puffs. – Aaronut Jan 2 '11 at 15:53
When you take it out of the freezer, warm it slowly if possible and don't break the seal until it is at room temperature. – Computerish Jan 2 '11 at 18:13

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