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How would one go about doing this? Is it safe to freeze?

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Pasta freezes well, if you do it right. In fact, i know of a very famous italian restaurant in NY that freeZes their pasta and they make fresh everyday. They cycle through new pasta every three days and they serve ALOT of pasta. The chef dared me to tell the difference. And he's right. 99.9% of people can't tell.

To freeze, bundle into small amounts (eg wrap around or hand), enough for single servings. Put on a tray, with a little semolina flour or cornmeal dusted underneath ( to prevent sticking). Keep each bunch seperate, they cant touch. Put into frezzer. Once frozen ( few hours), transfer to a ziplock freezer bag. It will keep for several months, but I'd eat it within one month.

To use dump straight into boiling water. Make sure you have a big pot of water at a full boil ( because the frozen pasta will drop the temp more than unfrozen). Stir immediately.

This works very well....

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Yes, it is safe to freeze. You want to freeze in a quantity you can eat or in a way you can get it to a quantity you can eat in a single portion. I often dry mine then freeze.

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And if you dry it well, you don't even have to freeze it, although if you use a lot of egg (most dry pasta is just semolina flour and water) freezing might be a little safer. – Doug Johnson-Cookloose Jan 10 '11 at 3:08
@Doug - personally I always make egg dough for my pasta, which is why I prefer to freeze it. – justkt Jan 10 '11 at 3:38

Freeze away! After making the noodles but before cooking let the noodle air dry on a drying rack for maybe 30 minutes, then put in zipper freezer bags in whatever serving size you want. When it is time to eat - pull from freezer, have boiling salted water ready to go and plop it into the pan for 3-5 minutes. It will cook a lot faster. No need to defrost. You can also make raviolis and then freeze them. Works great for me, egg or egg-free.

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