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How long does a pack of raw, dried Indian papad keep once it's opened? There's a best before date on the pack, but it's not mentioned how long they keep once it's opened. The ones I have are the Lijjat Papad brand that's sold internationally. This stuff is pretty dry, so I'm guessing it will remain safe to eat for quite a while though.

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Unsure, as I tend to use a whole pack at once, but I know that once they are cooked they go stale pretty quickly. – Orbling Jan 18 '11 at 6:10
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I haven't really experimented, but if imagining how dry that stuff is and the amount of salt that goes inside one those, I would say in the months/years range. Just keep it in a cool dry place..

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Air sealing it will do. Moisture affects papads for some reason.

Another tip : If you fry some papad, keeping them in air sealed bags will stop them from going mushy

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