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Looking for places besides the local tea shops and grocery stores to find new teas. What are some good places to order tea online?

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I recently found Adagio Teas. They have a huge selection, decent prices, and reviews. If you're unfamiliar with teas, it's really helpful to see what other people had to say about them.

I haven't tried most of my teas from them yet, but the ones I have tried were at least as good as what I can get locally, and they have a much bigger selection.

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One plus to Adagio is if you buy enough the shipping is free. –  Michael Kohne Jan 30 '11 at 16:33

I can recommend the website of Lee Rosy's tea store in Nottingham, England - http://www.leerosyshop.com/

They have a great selection and I can vouch for the quality. They also have great tea making advice and tasting notes for all the teas.

I'm guessing you're in the US, so I just had a look and you can pay with Paypal in US Dollars or Euros and they ship to Europe and the US.

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Not really a place to buy tea from, but rather find which teas to buy: http://steepster.com

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The previous owner of Stash Teas, and Tazo - Steve Smith, has a new company based in Portland. The teas are excellent. If you are in the area I have heard wonderful things about their tea tastings.


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I've been buying from Upton Tea Imports for years. They have a pretty antiquated website, but a huge selection, and they package each item when you order it. The descriptions on their site are detailed, with good photos of the tea leaves, and reviews. They are more of a wholesaler, but are happy to sell in small quantities.

They also have a range of qualities. For instance, if you're looking for sencha, they offer over 15 varieties ranging from cheap Chinese sencha at $4.20 / 125 gm package, to high-end Japanese sencha, at $29.80 / 50gm.


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I have to nominate gray and seddon. they're an australian outfit with a horribly outdated website, but they carry such a huge range of exquisite tea! i've ordered from them before; tea comes in vacuum sealed mylar bags and arrives promptly. they carry the best range of oolongs as i've seen (and tasted) online.

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My wife was on a tea kick for a while and bought a lot of teas from TeaLuxe. High quality, good service, good taste.

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David's Teas has a really interesting selection of all types of teas, and they even have temporary "special collections" with different seasonal flavours or other themes. For example, the website currently offers a holiday collection, a winter collection, and a wine-inspired collection. There's always something new and different to try, but they also carry the classics.

They're based in Canada and have international shipping available. There's free shipping in N.America for orders of $50+, and free shipping internationally on orders of $75+.

Their teas are definitely on the pricey side, but they are something special.

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If you like yerba mate, check out http://www.amigofoods.com/

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I really like Special Tea, in Victoria, BC, Canada. Not the widest selection, but a good range, much of it organic, and good prices.

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