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I have friend chicken, and I have white rice. I have no idea as to what my options are for cooking the rice in regards to making it go with the chicken.

I'm new to this, so I'd like to keep it simple, but still not be limited to simply having plain boiled rice.

I hope I clarified my issue correctly.

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You could make a quick fried rice with eggs and some peas.. http://rasamalaysia.com/chinese-recipe-fried-rice-deluxe/

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This is more or less what I would recommend, make chicken fried rice. –  Orbling Jan 31 '11 at 1:01

If you want to take an extra step to spruce up white rice you might want to make rice pilaf which is really quite simple. Dice one medium yellow onion and saute it with a tablespoon of olive oil. Add ground cumin and ground corrinder and stir the onion and spices over the heat for 20 seconds not to let the spices burn. Add the rice and let the rice roast in the oil and spices for about a minute. Add the water, cover, boil without opening the top as required by the rice cooking instruction. Yum.

Often Rice Pilaf recipes will have other ingredients such as bell pepper or chicken stock. I find a very simple tasty dish just keeping it simple.

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I love fried rice, as some other comments recommended. However, if you are thinking about what goes best together, that is a lot of fried stuff. Think of a Southern table with fried chicken, and to me plain white rice looks like the dish that goes with it. However, add some bits of green onion, peppers or parsley for color, some salt/butter for flavor. If you have it, use chicken stock instead of water when cooking the rice, or add some melted chicken fat for flavor.

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The easiest way to spruce up rice is to add a bouillon cube to the water or, use stock and spices instead of water. You can also chop up vegetables very finely and add them to the pot after the rice is done cooking and you've removed it from the heat. Add them very quickly and recover the pot so the veggies heat up and steam a little. Mix just before serving.

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Another suggestion I would have would be rice with coconut milk, particularly if your fried chicken recipe is quite spicy. There should be recipes easy enough to find, but it's basically rice cooked in a mixture of coconut milk and stock, with various aromatics and any vegetables you fancy. The coconut milk helps cool a spicy main dish, and it's all just creamy and delicious.

Although personally, I would probably just cook the white rice and eat it plain with the fried chicken, as I really enjoy well-cooked rice.

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The pilaf rice is quite good but I also just like to stir vegetables into the rice as it cooks - stuff like sweetcorn or peas will go in easily enough, cut carrots or peppers into long thin strips. Just put them in for a little longer than you'd normally would to prepare the vegetables if you were cooking them alone. Chicken, Rice and Peas would do me perfectly well as a meal!

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My vote (which should be of a surprise to no one) would be to keep with the "fried" motif. Something like arancinis would be awesome with some fried chicken.

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White rice stir fried with chopped onion, one egg scrambled and a few frozen peas yummy yummy

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