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I have some store-bought, pre-slit hot dog buns. They are a little brittle, and if I open the slit wide enough to take the hot dog, the bun splits in two.

I've tried using my toaster oven to warm the buns. They taste nice that way, but it they don't soften much.

Any other tricks?

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Steaming them will soften them up for your dogs. The quick-and-easy way to do that would be to microwave (as another user suggested), or just over a pot of water briefly until they're soft enough

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You could try microwaving the buns. Microwaves tend to make things, especially bread-like things, soggy and soft, which normally is not great, but in this case might be helpful.

Another option might be to put some warm water underneath them in the toaster oven. I'm not sure how logistically feasible this is, but in theory it could help to soften up the bottoms of the buns.

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Use water plus the microwave: sprinkle the buns with water, put them in a paper bag, and microwave for maybe 5 seconds per bun. – Marti Feb 9 '11 at 3:55

I did not try it myself, but if you have an apple-core remover, you can make a hole in the bun and put the sausage in through the hole. If your sausage is too big, it could be a mess, maybe 'stab' several times then.

Good luck!

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As a work-around you could cut a V-shape in it to fit the hot dog in.

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put your bun in microwave no more than 20 seconds , then remove from microwave and pierce one end with a sharpening steel pushing straight through bun . insert hotdog gently , there u have it neat tidy and so easy .

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