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I am making a raspberry smoothie using raspberry yogurt. I am at somewhat of a loss as to what other fruit to add for a nice combination.

For example, coconut and pineapple go excellent together.

What fruits would be best to pair with raspberry?

I know this ventures into the subjective realm a bit, but I think there are some definitive pairings and some obvious wrong answers.

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Bananas are a good combination with many berries, including raspberry since they don't compete, but add a mild/sweet flavour for contrast.

Apples and berries are also a good combination, though for a smoothie, you'd probably want to use (unsweetened) applesauce, rather than raw apple.

I've seen commercial drinks that pair raspberry with orange and mango.

If you want to taste the raspberry individually, I'd avoid pairing it with other berries as the berry flavours will tend to muddle (it will be yummy, just no distinct raspberry flavour).

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Thanks for the great suggestions. All of these combinations seem to pair well! –  JYelton Mar 4 '11 at 17:57

I find that blackberries and blueberries make an excellent addition to a raspberry-based smoothie. I usually use vanilla greek yogurt with frozen rasp/black/blueberries when I make a "purple" smoothie. This can be kind of tart, but the vanilla greek yogurt and vanilla soy milk offset it pretty well. If you're using non-sweetened yogurt and/or non-sweetened milk, I find a touch of honey really helps.

Another option to add some sweetness is to include grapes or strawberries.

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mmmhhhhh, greek yogurt, drool... –  yossarian Mar 2 '11 at 0:30

Peaches are good with raspberry (Peach Melba is a classic example). I imagine that fresh apricots would also work well.

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White chocolate is also an excellent combo. Also if it's not completely "melted" into the smoothie, but rather hacked into tiny bits (usually by blending smoothies), you'll have a strong raspberry kick at the beginning with a lingering white-chocolate taste creeping in after. Delicious!

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