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How should I store speck cured bacon? Fridge, freezer, cupboard? Wrapped, hung etc

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Since I'd never heard of this stuff, I looked it up. You can read more about speck here: – Martha F. Mar 2 '11 at 19:23
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You find that storing in the fridge is going to give you the longest life span. Hanging will keep keep the process of drying out continuing , which will intensify the flavour but will eventually become jerky texture. Wrapping will keep a little moisture in longer. If you do keep it for a period of time , you will develop a white mould which I will just cut of as it is just surface . The curing has stopped the pork breaking down . When I travelled through Spain , all of the city markets would have whole pieces of prosciutto hanging from there stalls that where covered in a fat that was covered in a green mould. When they needed a new piece they cut the mould and fat off and would start slicing for the customers ( some up there for over a year). I think the fridge is safer.

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