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I like the look and taste of salsify, and have had it in restaurants. However, I cannot find anywhere to buy it. I don't even mind how it comes - tinned, frozen, fresh.

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Where did you look? Here in Belgium we can find in the supermarket (in cans or frozen). We also have it fresh on some markets.

Maybe this can help you. Here is a similar thread.

If you really can't find it, you can always buy seeds and put them in your garden.

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Growing my own is a very good idea which I hadn't thought about. – JonB Mar 9 '11 at 7:20

I am fairly sure I have seen it in Waitrose, when I had one close by - not sure if they still stock it, or if it is location dependant. They don't appear to have it via Ocado either. Need to be quick though - it's the back end of the season already.

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You can order it online. I don't personally know of any shops where you cab physically go to buy it though.

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It sounds obvious, but just in case -- you should ask at your local greengrocer. They will at least learn that there's a demand, and try it for one order.

Specialised greengrocers often have more interesting stuff than supermarkets -- I've seen romanesque a lot at my local one, and never in a supermarket.

You could also ask the restaurant where you tasted it, where they bought it.

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