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It's growing like a weed, and has a wonderful smell just wondering what I can use it for in the kitchen?

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In addition to any specific suggestions, just remember that you have it. You might find yourself cooking something and think "this could use a hint of lemon". Don't be afraid to experiment! – Jefromi Apr 17 '11 at 1:47
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  • Make a pesto out of it. Goes well with fish and chicken
  • Use it in a Mediterranean-style stuffing, along with feta cheese, garlic and sundried tomatoes
  • Rip up and toss through salads
  • Make a herbal tea
  • Make ice cream
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Make jelly. I can't remember the recipe exactly, but it's something along the lines of:

  • juice and zest a couple of lemons
  • steep lemonbalm and lemon zest in hot water to extract the flavour
  • mix infusion and lemon juice together
  • sweeten to taste
  • add gelatine
  • pour into suitable vessels, chill to set
  • eat

The lemonbalm gives you a different kind of lemonyness than lemons alone do, so the resulting jelly has a deeper flavour.

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