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I usually make cornbread with white corn meal and no sugar. I like the no sugar part, but I want to experiment with the batter a bit. What are the following changes supposed to achieve:

  • Yellow corn meal as opposed to white
  • Half flour in the mix.

My normal corn meal recipe is this

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The problem here is that you're comparing two very different recipes: Northern cornbread (yellow meal, equal parts flour, a tablespoon or so of sugar) and Southern cornbread (white meal, no or little flour, no sugar). There's no real point in trying to mix and match or interpolate between the recipes, any more than than it would make sense to make something halfway between cioppino and bouillabaisse, since they are both just fish stew.

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I think you've got Southern and Northern styles crossed-up there. Southern cornbread is not sweet--that's Yankee style. – bikeboy389 May 11 '11 at 12:37
Doh, you're right. Editing – Dave Griffith May 11 '11 at 17:47

I've never found a difference between yellow and white corn meal, when it comes to cooking.

Since it doesn't look like your recipe calls for wheat flour, i'd stay away from the 50/50 mix. Self rising cornmeal isn't the same as cornmeal MIX. Think about the properties of wheat flour verses cornmeal (has gluten -- so may rise better, become chewy, etc). This will give you an idea of what it might do to your recipe.

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