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Tomorrow I'll be making a big batch of fresh pasta for about 7-8 people.

I know that if I'm using dried or bought fresh pasta, I usually count on about 125-150g per person, depending on the pasta type and whether it is dried or fresh.

When making pasta dough I will add eggs to my flour weight. Should I just approximate the total weight, and again count on 125-150g per person? Or will the weight change while I am cooking?

For instance, if I have 1kg durum flour and 16 eggs, the raw ingredients would weigh approximately 1.8kg in total (based on 50g per egg and not allowing for any reduction in weight during cooking). By my reckoning, that would feed 12 people generously.

Am I correct?

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It depends on what else you are having. An entire egg's worth of fresh pasta is a LOT for one person. I usually fix 1 egg for every two people. Since you are talking metric, I assume you aren't an american, so you might want less than that. – michael Jun 17 '11 at 18:04

Michael Ruhlman (in "Ratio") suggests starting with approximately 1 egg per person, and adding the appropriate amount of flour.

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More info on his method: – Bob Jun 17 '11 at 16:30

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