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Is there a way or technique to make sweet mashed potatoes less stringy?

Does it just come down to potato selection or can it be improved by a technique?

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I believe (although I am not sure) that the majority of the stringiness of mashed sweet potatoes comes from the fibrous parts of the potato that are near the skin. If when you remove the skin, you remove a bit of the flesh as well, it should solve your problem.

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The ends also tend to be stringier, I think. –  Jefromi Sep 4 '11 at 18:43

After cooking the sweet potatoes run them through a ricer.

Whether you use a big ricer or a little ricer the process will convert the softened 'meat' of the sweet potato into a consistently sized pellet, about the size of a grain of rice, that can then be seasoned and whipped to smooth consistency. (I also add a bit of honey, butter and brown sugar...but that is approaching a 'recipe')

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