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I am planning on making a fruit salad for coworkers and want to make sure that none of the fruit start to go bad because of the contact with the bowl.

I am planning on using apples, oranges, grapes, pine apple, and possibly bananas.

What would be the best type of bowl to transport and serve this in: metal, glass, plastic, etc?

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The absolute best bowl would be a watermelon cut in a basket shape, right? ;-) – Martha F. Sep 19 '11 at 16:50
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I don't think the bowl has anything to do with it, unless it is some sort of reactive metal, but you don't normally find food grade bowls made of a reactive metal?

To stop surface oxidation of non-acidic fruit (apples, bananas etc.) coat them with a suitable weak acid. See this previous answer How to Prevent Apples from turning Brown

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A clear glass bowl of course. There are many materials available which would serve the purpose just fine, aluminum is a material I would advise against though.

You are making a beautiful, colorful, fragrant fruit salad - show it off in a nice clear glass bowl. All other things being fairly equal, go for the flavor/art/hunger/munch appeal, and serve it proudly.

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If it's on display for any length of time it might be helpful to choose a bowl which allows air circulation to prevent detoriation (eg. a mesh type) or to be careful to arrange fruit so that they allow this.

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