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Possible Duplicate:
Resources for a beginner learning to cook

What's a good way to learn cooking and avoid the current trend of my life that is best summarized by this xkcd comic: ?

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I'd have chosen How do we escape the cycle of bad college eating? as a duplicate instead; it even quotes this exact comic. – Aaronut Sep 26 '11 at 20:43

1) Watch Good Eats. 2) Practice 3) Goto 1)

In order to learn how to cook one must practice. This is self evident. But - what to cook and where to begin?

Well, I'd recommmend watching a few episodes of Good Eats (pick a few episodes on food you enjoy). Pay notice not only to the steps he use, but also his explanations on why he has chosen the various steps.

(Concrete suggestions: Episodes on eggs.


The why is important, because in due time, you'll be able to modify recipes based on previous experience.

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