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I've just purchased a new coffee maker, and it has a terrible plastic smell to it. It smells like something between new car and hot glue gun.

I've run two or three pots of water through it, but the smell lingers.

How do I get rid of this smell?

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You could also try running white vinegar through the coffeemaker. It's a technique used to clean the coffeemaker. Vinegar in general is good for getting rid of smells, so I'm thinking it will be useful here.

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Vinegar isn't good at getting rid of smells at all. It has some limited use in smelly cases: 1. If a smell is caused by a bacteria colony and the bacteria are still alive, it will probably kill them. 2. It can dissolve some grime water can't. 3. It can mask a bad smell with its own stink. So it can work for your dirty laundry, but there is no point to use it on clean plastic. – rumtscho Oct 31 '11 at 12:38

Perhaps a few runs with coffee to overcome the smell and taste. Since these runs are not for drinking you can use a cheap kind of coffee.

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Just my thought. – BaffledCook Oct 30 '11 at 11:15
I tried this, but I'm not convinced that it's having any more effect than water alone -- the smell seems to be coming from the water chamber, which never touches the coffee. – Evan Krall Nov 6 '11 at 2:25

You may consider running a solution of PLAIN Oxilean through it a couple of times, and then multiple clean water rinses. On the off chance you're a home brewer, I'd suggest PBW instead, but PLAIN oxiclean should do the trick. Stay away from any scented versions.

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