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I am embarking on a project to cook every recipe in the "The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread" cookbook. I would like to maintain a cooking journal, something similar to a lab book, to document my observations as I attempt each recipe. The objective is to prefect my bread making method. I prefer electronic methods of maintaining the journal for efficient referencing.

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Cooking-specific software recs might not be off topic here, but this one seems rather broad - there are tons of things that'll let you keep notes. – Jefromi May 29 at 0:17

For simply a time investment, you can use one of the free blogging services (blogger is pretty popular).

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I've found Evernote ( to be the best, simply because it is everywhere. It supports basic features like tagging, and can adapt to most every use case you can throw at it.

And it's free!

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For a windows user, I recommend notepad++ !

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I maintain my notebook for my biochem lab work on Google Docs. I keep a narrative of-sorts in a document and use links that point at spreadsheets containing more numeric data. Pictures can be uploaded and stored separately in a collection (folder) or inserted into the document directly.

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I recommend iPad and writing notes on it.

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