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I have diverticulitis and I can't have seeds or I will be back in hospital with infection. I love salsa, mexican food, and anything spicy, but most salsa has tomato and or Jalapeno seeds in there. Hope to find one I can eat.

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I wouldn't trust any store brand to omit seeds entirely; it's just not going to be a priority for them.

I'd suggest making your own instead. It's fairly easy and fast to seed tomatoes using a chinois, and to seed peppers using a knife. And it'll taste better, too!

BTW, many online medical authorities seem to think that seeds are not actually an issue for diverticulitis; maybe you should consider a second medical opinion?

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Smaller peppers like jalapenos are also easy to seed with a small spoon. – Jefromi Nov 23 '11 at 17:51

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