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Which type of pan can you recommend for pan-frying tofu, stainless, aluminum, or carbon steel?

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Cast iron rules! but if i was to choose from the options you provided i would pick the heaviest / thickest one regardless of the material.

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The correct pan is the one you're most comfortable with. Any of those materials can give you good results if used correctly, and you might even get away with cast-iron or nonstick cookware.

In fact, this is true for most cooking tasks. Exception: if the food will ruin your pan, as with acid on cast iron/carbon steel, and eggs with many materials, if not oiled enough.

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For a beginner, I'd recommend a non-stick pan, and a wide one. Otherwise, you're liable to have the crust on the fried tofu stick to the pan. Most tofu is fairly delicate.

Two tips: 1. dry and press the tofu before frying it 2. do not crowd the pan.

If you're an experienced cook, see BobMcGee's answer.

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