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I made a chicken stock/broth with chicken parts including two chicken legs. After cooking the broth for three hours, is the meat in the pot considered edible?

Should you save it and use it for something like chicken salad? Or is it considered lacking in all flavor and nutrients after being cooked for three hours?

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Edible? Absolutely yes.

Flavorful? ....you should taste it and tell us. Seriously, don't serve a meal to anyone, yourself included, until you've tasted it and it tastes at least decent. (Not trying to be snarky here, that's literally the best cooking tip I was ever given)

Nutritious? Probably somewhat--that chicken muscle is primarily protein after all.

Generally, soups are made with bones because bones can't be used for anything else, so it's more economical to get soup-flavor from bones (making the stock), then use meat for texture and to add variety to the liquid. I was taught to put meat into soups in the last hour of cooking. Many recipes I've seen call for taking out the whole pieces of meat and shredding it or pulling it before serving it in the soup.

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I'd like to add another reason for using bones: that's where the gelatine is. –  rumtscho Dec 15 '11 at 12:25
agreed--bones tend to have more umami in them than meat –  Eric Hu Dec 16 '11 at 8:51

I would use it only the same day it’s cooked and as it is without any additional cooking process (e.g. on top of cooked rice/mashed potatoes or in salad). .

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