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A random thought came to me about adding sesame oil or laksa leaf to my next batch of bread.

Has anyone has tried adding Asian flavours to their bread?

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Do you mean spices? –  codeinthehole Jul 19 '10 at 18:01
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Yes, I've tried shredded kaffir lime leaves, ginger, galangal and lemon grass (all in separate batches), but didn't like the end result. IMO, bread and Asian flavors don't go well. At least, not the flavors I used (or in my creations!).

Note that sesame oil is not a true Asian flavor: it is also used a lot in countries around the Mediterranean and in Africa. I've not tried it, but it sounds good to me (sesame seeds on top are also nice, so why not oil?).

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what do you exactly mean by Asian?

let's start from the east:

  • East Asian Coast: not much unless you add a bit of wasabi soy sauce, and sesames to your batch.
  • Indian sub continent: well Indian bread is renown, so consider making rotti, paratta, potato bread, etc..
  • Persian brad: consider using saffron
  • Middle eastern bread: consider using wild oregano, sesames, sumac, mint leaves.
  • I'm not sure about middle Asian countries, but i know they usually serve hard breads
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Coriander and garlic make a nice addition I think.

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