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We don't use saffron that often. The last batch we got went stale. Is there anything I can do to preserve it for longer? (For example, our spice rack gets a lot of direct sunlight, is that bad?) How long can I expect it to last?

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Use common advices: closed jars, in a fresh and dark place (a bodega is wonderful for keeping the spices).

Direct sun is one of the worst enemies.

And when everything else fails, consume it ... f.ex. this very simple recipe, just rice + veg stock + mushrooms + garlic + persil + saffron

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I would add that the jars should be as close in size to the amount of spice in them as practical. That way there is less air for the spice to interact with. – Carmi Jan 18 '12 at 20:32

There are special glass jars made to protect herbs from damaging uva/b rays, proven to maintain freshness. Granted, these little jars are designed for a "different" kind of herb, I, on the other hand, use them for my ultra expensive, direct from the middle east saffron. Keep an open mind and enjoy your saffron!!!

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Welcome Kelly, I'd add a link to Carmi's suggestion to minimize air space in the jar. Maybe a vacuum jar would be even better. Nice link to medicinal herb site. – BaffledCook Mar 11 '12 at 16:30

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