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So, I live in a flat on the side of my Fiancés parents house but we share their kitchen, and I dislike being in there for too long as I don't really get along with his parents - that's the limited use part - but I imagine a lot of people have a similar situation (students etc).

Both me and my Fiancé are fussy eaters, we don't have a huge budget for food and I'm dyspraxic (so not entirely brilliant in the kitchen as I'm a little clumsy). Really, I'm just after some tips.

The food we do like/can store is expensive as we don't have a freezer, and tend to like meat. At the moment I'm cooking things like shepherds pie with mash and carrots, chicken kievs with mash and beans. I'd like to be doing things that don't cost much, don't take long and aren't overly complex (basic ingredients, nothing fancy, otherwise we probably won't like it). But, I don't want to just buy canned food as it's so unhealthy (the amount of salt in most of it is scary).

I'd like to have 7 different meals, one for each day, so I know what I'm doing. At the moment I sort of have 6, but just can't think of/afford a 7th, so just end up with beans dog sausages.

I'm asking for the impossible, right? But, anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.




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Its not clear exactly what you're asking ? You want somebody to recommend a 7th meal? – rfusca Feb 3 '12 at 16:50
Welcome to Seasoned Advice, Willow! As of now, your question is worded in such a way that it would be considered a polling question. There is no real answer to your question. This type of question will only bring a bunch people giving their own opinion. This does not fit the question style at SE. We answer practical questions that has a concrete answer. – Jay Feb 3 '12 at 17:03
@Willow - I'm really afraid not. Questions asked here are expected to have a 'correct' answer - not ask for a general list of things that meet criteria. Feel free to pop in chat and ask and you may get some good info there, there's often several people there this time of day. Otherwise, if you've got more specific questions, we'd love to help. – rfusca Feb 3 '12 at 17:14
It only takes 20 rep to talk in chat. If you can ask a single specific question, and get four upvotes on it, you'll be there - just try to think of any specific problem you have, for example how to adapt a specific dish without a specific ingredient, or how to make a specific dish more quickly to minimize kitchen time. You managed to ask this question very clearly, even though it's still too broad for this site, so I have no doubt you'll do well with more specific questions! – Jefromi Feb 3 '12 at 17:43
Hi Willow, thanks for your question. As others have pointed out, we don't advise people on what to eat because there is never a straightforward answer. We're interested in the how and sometimes the why here. We can definitely help with [substitutions] and have many questions on [budget-cooking] and other limited-menu topics, but they need to be specific; cost alone isn't much go to by and "good"/"easy to make" is entirely subjective (i.e. I tend not to think of Chicken Kiev as a simple recipe). Please have a look at the other [budget-cooking] questions; there are many similar ones. – Aaronut Feb 3 '12 at 18:02

Get a small outdoor grill and use it to cook outside. You can cook slabs of protein, or put small bits on a skewer. Add any vegetable - onion, carrot, potato are all good.

Get a hot plate. Use it for boiling and steaming all sorts of things. Cous cous cooks up really quick, and if you don't get the pre-seasoned packets, you can season it to your tastes.

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