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Just used my iSi for the first time, made a yogurt/cream based liquid, no chunky parts. Charged whipper as per instructions, shook a few times. Whipper got cold as gas went in, eg I think the gas made it in. Now I press the handle, and nothing happens except a few drops of the liquid come out.

I figured I'd try again, but no matter how I hold the bottle and press the handle, gas doesn't seem to release. So now I have a pressurised bottle that I think I probably shouldn't open...or should I try to gently unscrew the head? What's the worst thing that can happen, other than a messy kitchen? How much pressure is involved? Anything else I could try?

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Figured since liquid was dripping out, any gas in there must already have escaped. Opened bottle, assumption was correct. Feel a bit silly now. –  spongefile Apr 9 '12 at 9:37
Sounds like you either didn't charge it properly or didn't form a tight seal. Under normal circumstances I'd ask if the liquid was properly strained; you can load up a mixture that might be perfectly smooth but still too thick to use with the dispenser; if it goes through a strainer then it's usually thin enough. Anyway, I'm closing as Too Localized since the problem did not turn out to be what the question originally described (it was unpressurized, not overpressurized). –  Aaronut Apr 9 '12 at 15:26

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