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I want to learn to cook some Indian dishes. It would be preferable to know that the spices are from sustainable agriculture.

Sedona, Arizona. I did some googling and didn't find any local spice shops. I will call the local food stores tomorrow.

Here are a couple random ones I stumbled upon: Seasoned Pioneer Ltd
Penzeys Spices

But, there might be someone who has found their favorite place to shop for such spices. So please post here to share your recommends. Is it ok to shop for spices on ebay?

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It may help to let us know where in the world you are, Daniel. –  ElendilTheTall May 3 '12 at 7:07
Guidelines have changed on sourcing questions. meta.cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/1292/… –  SAJ14SAJ May 21 '13 at 22:21

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Try iShopIndian.com - these guys are in Wisconsin, but they deliver ...

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I've used Penzeys over the years. Their spices are supa dupa fresh, they have outstanding prices and deliver quickly. However, I cannot attest to their sustainability practices. It's not something they talk about in any of their catalogs (another nice thing, order online once and you get a lovely catalog every month or two in the mail). They have a small-business, Midwestern-ey feel to them though that is very appealing, and they have a solid supply of Indian stuff, but you may not find your true exotics like dhana jeera (you will find ajwain, black mustard seeds, asafoetida, etc).
I would agree with the poster above that Amazon is a good place to find what you need (but it may not be fresh, like ebay...do some research on the supplier first.)

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Amazon.com! I buy all my hard-to-find spices (asafoetida, dhana jeera, etc) from there.

I wouldn't trust eBay, however, especially when buying from a seller with less than 100% positive reputation.

I know your question asked where to buy spices online, but your best bet would be to find an Indian market close to you. You'd have the advantage of inspecting the spices in person for any irregularities, without having to go through the hassle of returns.

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Try Taste of Malaysia. They are a small company in Florida and I can tell you that they have strong spices, just like when I was living back in India. They have a low price and shipping cost.

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If you are looking for organic spices from India, you might want to try Masala Mama (masalamamaspice.com). They have spice blends for various dishes that are fresh and premeasured to make them easy to use. Along with the spices they give you a recipe and a shopping list for fresh ingredients. I've tried several and they taste great!

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Check out at Tradus for natural and organic Indian Spices Online at best price. Shop by category and compare prices for fresh spices with fastest delivery at your doorstep.

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I'd add my two cents on RawSpiceBar- they are new on the scene but do a really good job of offering hard to find spices and spice blends in small quantities which is oftentimes just what I'm looking for. The quality has been great, in my experience. Worth checking out: www.rawspicebar.com

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If you love to buy the organic spices, try www.earthyspices.com

They have a fabulous range of mixes too.

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