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This is a Indian Sweat dish, there are many recipes on the internet. I need to know how would you prepare it, what would you add to make it taste unique?

What will you do, to add a unique flavor to it?

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First of all it is called GULAB JAMUN...

Unique is the wrong word here, If I tell you what I do to make them unique, then it will not be unique anyway...

There are several ways of differentiating your dish - texture, flavor, presentation. You should experiment with these and see what is pleasing to your palette.

A standard variation of Gulab Jamun is call Kala Jamun, where you overheat the balls to make them appear almost black. You should try it. I personally prefer Kala Jamun more than Gulab Jamun...

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+1 for not calling them an idiot for calling it golab jambo. Also I'm going to have to try this caramelized version next time I make gulab jamun – BobMcGee Jun 17 '12 at 12:48

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