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We just made some pork sausage and fryed up a patty to check the spicing. The taste is fine but the patty is rubbery in texture. What did we do wrong or not add to the mix?

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Would you describe it also as "dry" rather than "juicy"? What cut did you use? What was your fat/lean proportion? – Josh Caswell Jul 15 '12 at 21:46

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You may have ground your pork too fine (or over mixed it) -- you want to use a relatively coarse grind with a lot of fat when you are making pork sausage.

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agreed. texture needs to be course and cooking time not too long. – zanlok Dec 8 '12 at 10:57

I agree with what has been said above. Over working meat can really have an adverse effect on the texture. There are a few ways I avoid this problem. First, make sure everything your working with is very cold (i.e. meat, seasonings, grinder itself, bowl). The colder it is the less the fat will melt and make a sticky mess that I find makes me more prone to over mixing. Second, I always season the protein first before grinding so that i don't have to mix rigorously to incorporate seasoning post-grind and make the texture poor.

Also, if your cooking from fresh, i find it best to just take a portion of meat from the ground mix and gently shape it into whatever shape you would like and then using a spatula compress it in the pan while it's cooking, this, I find, give me the nice crumbly texture of ground meat rather than the rubbery, spongey texture you are encountering.

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