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I have an order for 850 cake balls. In the past I have used chocolate candy melt from the Bulk store. However I was offered a great deal on Callebaut chocolate wafers so I bought them. Please tell me that this chocolate will work on Cake Balls. Specifically dipping and hardening.

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Can you please expand on what you need the chocolate to do with your cake balls? – KatieK Aug 27 '12 at 18:43

Notwithstanding my comment (never heard of "Callabraut", I hope it's just a misspelling and not some knock-off brand), if what you've bought is actually Callebaut wafers, then it's couverture and therefore already tempered, and works perfectly well as a shell. I've used Callebaut/Cacao Barry, Valrhona, Felchlin, and others, and they all form solid and much tastier coatings than the compound/coating/"candy" chocolate, provided that they are handled correctly (not overheated, seed wafers added, etc.)

Couverture contains about 35% cocoa butter whereas compound chocolate uses vegetable oil; that's why compound chocolate is cheaper and also slightly more heat-resistant in untempered form. Tempered couverture (which is almost all couverture) will actually come out firmer and shinier than compound chocolate.

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