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I just seeded a pomegranate, and instead of red / deep pink seeds, the seeds are pale pink / white. What does this mean? Are they ok to eat?

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A quick Google search for "white pomegranate" seems to show that the color depends on the specific pomegranate cultivar. – nico Sep 16 '12 at 14:56
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Some pomegranate varieties produce pink or white seeds so yours sounds perfectly normal. I have had white seeds and they are as delicious as the red ones. Go for it.

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My tree has always made very nice red seeds. But over the past couple of years they have been getting lighter. Now they are clear white or slightly pink.

It has been very warm in the later months, and the leaves of the tree are staying on longer. I think the climate is the main factor. As with the person from AZ, they appear to get redder as the leaves fall from the chill.

Unfortunately the birds and other creatures are well trained to come to the tree by this time and feast.

They are tastie but not pretty and not as tart.

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Apparently it's a different variety of pomegranate. They are good, but taste sweeter than the deep red seeds, which have a great tart flavor.

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Got pomegranate with pale pink/white seed. I was surprised when i first opened it because i have been always getting the dark red seed varity. I thought i got a bad fruit. After I taste it, those pale pink/white seed taste sweeter and it is less tart than the drak red varity. It is also more juicy. I LOVED it!!

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My Phoenix AZ pomegranate tree is a Wonderful variety, which should have dark red seeds. Mine are pale and tasteless until late December, when the leaves fall off the tree and we may even have had a frost. Then, they turn deep red inside, but are no longer juicy....

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Thats normal it is that colour Pale Pink white... depends which place on the pomegranate that particular seed is from...they are totally fine to eat, you just need know that they are a different type of pomegranate.

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I don't think I'd call pale pink/white the normal color for pomegranates: but yes, all the other answers do say that there are varieties like this. – Jefromi Nov 10 '13 at 3:30

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