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I cooked quinoa like rice and ate half of it. I am planning to have the other half for breakfast. Is it safe to leave it in room temperature overnight (I don't have a refrigerator)?

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There's some good advice here:

In summary, everything goes bad, quinoa is no exception. To be safe, refrigerate when possible. Leaving food at room temp is asking for trouble.

One other thing to note about quinoa - some people are allergic to it! My husband feels super sick after eating it, every single time. This is most likely due to the saponin covering it.

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Slightly OT but do you rinse your quinoa first to remove the saponins? I imagine some trace residues could be left behind, however, that could still trigger an allergy. I always wonder how much saponin is left after a vigorous soak. – lemontwist Oct 6 '12 at 10:29
This is too vague. How does, "everything goes bad" help me? I doubt that our knowledge of how long a cooked grain-like food can remain safely outside of refrigerator is so vague. I would like to test it myself but I don't know how. – Zeynel Oct 6 '12 at 23:02

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