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When I roast a goose, I decant the fat, strain and freeze it. I typically get a pint or more. This seems to work well, I can chip off suitably-sized pieces from the frozen block and use them as necessary. But is this the best way to store it, and if so, how long can I leave it for in the freezer before it's no longer safe to use?

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Awesome idea - in the freezer! Never thought of that, I just keep it in a jar until it goes rancid :( – Joel in Gö Jul 13 '10 at 21:53
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It won't go unsafe if it's refrigerated or frozen, but it might pick up off flavors or turn rancid eventually. You can probably use it for 6 months if it's well-sealed and not exposed to air.

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I have used a frozen pot for a year an it was still good. I threw it out after that just in case!

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