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Occasionally it happens that I add to much creme fraiche to a pasta sauce. Recently this happened with a pasta that contained aubergine, courgette, white mushroom, onion, chicken and some pepper and salt. I added the creme fraiche in the last stage.

This made the dish creamy, but also neutralised the flavour of the ingredients.

Is there a way to to partially reverse this neutralisation?

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In my experience, adding cream is what you do when you make a dish that isn't very tasty. The cream neutralizes some of the flavour, and makes the sauce sweeter and fattier, and thus tastier. If a dish is good, simply don't bother with the cream. – Carmi Jan 7 '13 at 11:40
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I find a squeeze of lemon cuts the creamyness.

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It depends on the dish and how amenable it is at the stage you make the mistake. Short of redoubling certain ingredients, in most cases, you can't reverse the error.

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