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What is the difference as far as content-pork, beef?

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Pepperoni is a variety of Salami. Salami is a dried sausage which can be made of pork, beef, veal, horse, donkey, poultry or game. Different spices, smoking and vegetable ingredients give the different salame their particular taste.

Pepperoni limits its ingredients to beef pork and poultry and belongs to the more spicy varieties of salame.

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So a pepperoni is always a salami but a salami isn't always a pepperoni? –  Katey HW Aug 21 '11 at 7:05

Pepperoni is simply a variety of hot salami, derived from Italian salami (soppressata from Calabria or spicy dry sausage from Naples). If there is any difference in the pork/beef ratio, that is not what makes the difference between salami and pepperoni; some variety would use more beef, but that is just a regional difference.

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