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The recipe I've got (Commonsense cooking, page 211) for a pasta salad lists spring onion (green onion/scallions) as an ingredient, but doesn't say which part to use. Should I be using the long, slender green tops, or the small white bulb, or both?

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Using both is fine. I would reserve some of the green end to sprinkle on top for presentation. The white part is stronger so you may want to add it a little at a time.

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Well if i was you i would taste both parts of the spring onion and decide what will work best with your other flavors, you will find they have a notable difference in taste and texture..i would go with the green part 99% of the time

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You could also use Chives instead of spring onions. Green leaves of spring onions are mostly used for garnishing the pasta salads.

I use Chives mostly for the following reasons.

  • Chives are less stronger in onion aroma
  • Chive is tendor and has less pronounced onion flavor
  • Less amount is required

Ofcourse both has their distinctive flavours and if you desire your dish should have the spring onion flavour then forget about Chives. Here what I mentioned is more for a garnishing/presentation point of view.

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The whole onion can be used, but I like the "spring" taste in the greens, so I use three parts finely-cut greens to one part whites.

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The whole springonion can be used, except for the roots.

The white parts are usually stronger in flavor, but have a more tender texture. The green parts have a more subdued flavor, but are a bit crisper.

In older springonions the tip of the green part can become either limp, or dry and bitter, but the rest will usually still be usable.

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