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I have some mascarpone cheese left. May I use it to make a sauce?

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You can add Mascapone Cheese to a plain italian tomato sauce. The sauce can take on quite a different feel to it from the normal pasta sauce which can make a nice change.

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This is a recipe for a quick "tiramisù". It can be used to serve cookies, or fruits.
It requires mascarpone cheese, 2 eggs, and cocoa powder (optional).

  • Whip the egg white.
  • Incorporate the mascarpone cheese into the yoke and mix.
  • Incorporate the egg white, and mix.
  • Add cocoa powder.

Leave in refrigerator before to use it.

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Yes, it will melt similarly to cream cheese and can be used in sauces, or to enrich either polenta or risotto.

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It should work well as a sauce. You can also use it to make a sweet sauce, as it has just the right balance of fat and flavour for dessert.

Mix it with peaches or blackberries, along with a reduction of some of their juice. Will go well on a cheesecake or tart, or as a more refreshing replacement for custard on a crumble.

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Mascarpone works well for making a sauce. I've found it combines nicely with sweet chilli dipping sauce.

It is also eminently suitable as a filling for a chicken kiev style dish.

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