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Nowadays most people put everything in the fridge simply because a lower temperature is associated with a longer lifetime. While this is true in most cases, in some it may have a negative effect on the taste (as with tomatoes).

Are there any other products that lose taste (or any other trait: texture, smell, function, ...) because of cold temperature? What products are actually better stored outside of the fridge and still have a similar shelf life?

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This is extremely broad and I'm not sure what practical problem it's trying to solve. We have other questions listing shelf-stable foods, asking about camping/hiking foods, etc. We've also closed previous questions that were just asking for menus. This question adds the wrinkle of shelf-stable food keeping better in the pantry than the fridge, but that applies to a lot of shelf-stable and semi-stable foods and doesn't really make it much more specific. –  Aaronut Mar 30 '13 at 21:44