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Indian recipes tastes awful with reduced salt. Can anything be done to make them more palatable? Are there dishes that taste OK even with low salt?

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Don't put salt in your food? Salt is not often a required ingredient – TFD Apr 14 '13 at 0:54
I'm sorry, but one of the few types of culinary questions we don't entertain here are recommendations/suggestions/ideas. See the faq and the meta question "What should i cook" type questions. As TFD says, just pick any recipe and don't add salt. – Aaronut Apr 14 '13 at 2:31

Indian recipes taste fine with reduced salt, as long as you haven't trained your palate to enjoy salty food. This is no different to any other regional cuisine.

I personally cook curries with no added salt at all, a quarter-teaspoon of salt per portion of boiled rice, and minimal salt in breads.

Try reducing saltiness gradually, until your palate no longer demands it.

In the meantime you could use salt substitutes - there are products made with potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride which may be better for you than salt.

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About indian food i couldn't say anything. But since you are asking here, I imagine that you can accept different suggests also.

  • generally the meat does not need salt (if using meat), because it contains enough
  • get your salade using soy sauce instead of salt
  • cook the vegetables using extract of meat or vegetables (with a bit of water) instead of salt
  • use many spices, especially Mediterranean herbs, in cooking, that being the tastiest require less salt or even they can do without.
  • use as a sauce for spaghetti or rice, tomato sauce with lots of basil, sauce "pesto", tuna and anchovies sauce, dry tomatowes sauce. Those sauces are very tasty, but precisely because of this, it's enough just a very short for season: with a couple of teaspoons you have a great dish
  • use "strong" vegetables in preparations, such as garlic, onion, celery
  • prepare many dishes complete, cereals and legumes, such as pasta and beans, rice and peas, pasta and chickpeas, always seasoned with many herbs.

Finally, think that you get used to everything. I know people who could not eat salt for years, and now they find inedible normally savory dishes.

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