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I bought a loaf of bread some weeks ago, which the lady behind the counter explained was frozen (because it was leftover). This was okay for me. The bread was still frozen when I bought it and I let it defrost on the counter overnight.

Then we didn't eat all the bread (just about 50%) and I decided to put the leftover half back in the freezer (before it would spoil).

Now I'm wondering: Is it ok to rethaw and eat the bread? I know there are several threads/questions regarding freezing - thawing - refreezing, but they don't handle bread (which I would believe to act differently than i.e. meat).


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Yes, it is safe to freeze and rethaw bread, although it might not help with the quality. Toasting it when you are finally ready to eat it will help bring out its best qualities.

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If the quality of your bread was compromised by its time in the freezer consider using it to make french toast. –  Kaya May 7 '13 at 5:42

I'm so happy to find an answer to this question. I have been buying Fry's brand bread for a long time now. I freeze half of it because a whole loaf is too much for the amount of bread we eat. Recently, when I was in the store the bread wrappers were moist and cold. I asked the clerk why was that and she said the bread comes in frozen! So, I have been eating frozen and refrozen bread unbeknownst to me! Good grief. What else don't we know about food markets.

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