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I want to make matcha green tea. If I just stir it in a mug with a teaspoon it doens't mix in very well so I know I need a whisk. The most popular ones are the traditional bamboo ones but it seems you need a bowl for them as well and I'd prefer to use a normal mug.

Has anyone used a normal whisk, does that work? Or I was thinking of trying a cooking brush.

UPDATE: has anyone tried with an electric whisk?

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This barbaric American uses a fork; much better than a spoon, and usually handy. – Wayfaring Stranger May 30 '13 at 18:13
Ive tried using a fork but it doesnt work that well for me. This is the first matcha ive brought and its been in my cupboard for a while, so maybe its sticking together more than normal. – Evans May 31 '13 at 10:14
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The bowl isn't absolutely essential; it's part of the aesthetic. The shape does serve a purpose, as most of them have nicely curved bottoms that will minimize the chance of the powder from clumping near the edge of the bowl.

I've used a normal whisk when preparing "matcha latte" drinks for a client of mine back in the day. There's an advantage to having the 80-120 "tate" (bristle?) because they make it easier to break up beads that form as moisture contacts the tea. But a normal culinary whisk will do the trick, perhaps with a bit more work.

I don't see how the silicone brush would help whisking; they tend to be pretty floppy (and mine has occasionally had some of the silicone strands break off when I've used it for brushing food).

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