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I've been making sushi for a while at home and now decided to get a set of knives specifically for this purpose (as I have only a couple of general-purpose knives which are horrendous).

The question is - which types of knives should I get? Is there a one universal knife for cutting rolls & carving fish & making sashimi or there are several and what are their names? Maybe there is a standard set for this?

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The traditional knife for sushi and sashimi is the yanagi sashimi. It features a long blade (approx 10in or 270mm) that has a chisel ground blade which is often hollow ground on the back, called urasaki. The long blade allows you to cut thin slices in one continuous motion so that you don't you don't have slashes marks from changing direction. There are also other traditional Japanese knives for specific food preparation tasks such as vegetable chopping and meat preparation. If you already have European-style knives you are comfortable with, there is no need to purchase Japanese-style knives for those tasks.

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I second this. If you have a general sushi knife, you do not really need any other special blades. When I worked in a sushi restaurant, most of the chefs only used their sushi knife. And if any other knives were used, they were simply basic paring knives or cleavers. – jalbee Jul 3 '13 at 20:50

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