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I have purchased a bag of atta flour and am wanting to make pasta - is this flour suitable? And is atta a self raising flour or plain flour?

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Atta usually refers to durum flour (often whole wheat) used in Indian/South Asian cuisine. It is used for indian flat breads like chapati, roti and naan. Where it normally isn't self-rising, you can find special self-rising naan atta (that contains some kind of leavening agent), but it will be then labeled as self rising or at least special naan atta.

That said, like any durum flour most attas are well-suited for making dry pasta (which does not require eggs cause it has high enough gluten contents).

I have used atta flour for eggless pasta myself, it worked well and it was easy to roll it really thin to prepare lasagna sheets and ravioli.

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Good answer but +1 for the epic mustache! – Sobachatina Jul 18 '13 at 15:08

Yes! You can, in fact, it is used in India to make fresh pasta like Gujarati dal dhokri.

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