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Well, the question is in the title really. What are the pros/cons? I'm making some concentrate by cooking it for a long time.

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It depends on how they are dried. Though if they're properly dehydrated or freeze-dried then you're just rehydrating them in the tea and they'll taste ok.

Ginger: I prefer fresh ginger and find that there are some taste notes that aren't present in the dried tea, it makes more pleasant with fresh ginger, but it's more work.

Chili: While I haven't tried fresh chili in tea, I'd imagine dried would work better and you wouldn't get interference from oils in the chili. Also maybe easier to control the amount.

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Ginger actually has some flavor compounds that denature in the drying process to form other flavor compounds. That's why fresh & dried ginger taste so distinctly different. – SourDoh Aug 9 '13 at 18:33

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