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I've recently explored many Pavlova recipes and some of them say its ok to store the pavlova 3-4 day, while others say that one day of storage is already too much. As I've never made a Pavlova, I am asking myself:

How long can I store a Pavlova (without topping, but with nuts in it) in an airtight container before it's texture & flavor change so much that it won't be fun to eat?

Actually, I have stored baked meringues for 2 weeks in the past and they still were fine, but as a Pavlova is supposed to be gooey in the center, I can't imagine how long it will be good.

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In my experience, storing pavlova in an airtight container makes it weep and go soft. My mother's tip is to keep it in the oven (a cool, turned off oven), as it's not air tight but it is 'out of the air'. It's always worked for me.

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