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I make pectin stock from apples for use in jams and jellies, and I have lots of it. I would like to try using this stock as a fat substitute in baking, similar to replacing some of the fat in recipes with applesauce. Has anyone tried this, and what advice do they have to offer.

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I found a study done in Korea in 2010 that said pectin can replace shortening in cookies and therefore, they concluded other baked goods. The ideal amount was 30% replacement saying the texture was actually better and the cookies were more moist. They don't recommend going higher than 30% as a 40% difference changed the structural integrity in a "negative" way! It looks really interesting! Here is the website I found: Good Luck!

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I'd love to see some more information about these "pectin-enriched materials" and how they're made. I'm guessing it's more complicated than just powdered pectin. – mrog Nov 6 '15 at 21:21

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