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Does the difference in shape between pyramid and regular rectangular tea bags have any practical consequences? Perhaps a difference in preparation method, or in the resulting tea?

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Pure marketing, designed to extract more money from your wallet, not flavour from the tea. If you think a pyramid brews better, just leave your regular tea bag in a little longer – TFD Sep 14 '13 at 0:17
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The pyramid teabag allows for more effective and faster extraction. This is because the tea bag retains its 3 dimensional shape, so there is plenty of space for the tea leaves, and more of their surface area is exposed for extraction.

A conventional teabag actually becomes smaller, and there is less space and the tea leaves are pressed onto each other, creating a compressed little ball of tea. I think whoever invented the pyramid teabag had that in mind. I am not suggesting that the world was desperate for it though ;)

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