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I recently boiled eggs. After boiling I put them in the fridge. When I went to use them they were not boiled all the way. Can I reboil them or should I throw them away.

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This is a bit misleading. If they are not boiled all the way, then they are per definition not hard-boiled. But there is a third alternative beside reboiling and throwing them away: you can eat them as soft-boiled eggs, even if the yolk is partly liquid. Many people enjoy them this way, it is up to your personal taste if you do it. – rumtscho Sep 28 '13 at 14:48
I reboiled eggs, though it was just after I rinsed them with cold water. They turned out fine. – user28671 Oct 13 '14 at 23:30

In terms of food safety, as long as the egg would have been safe to eat as it is (that is, it still is in its unbroken shell, has been cooled rapidly after cooking and then refrigerated), it is safe to recook.

In terms of quality, I am not sure that you will get a very palatable result. You are likely to end up with overcooked and rubbery whites at the very least.

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I guess you could try to simmer them at a lower temperature so that the whites don't overcook too much, but unless you have a sous-vide setup I suspect you'd end up obsessing over a pot with a thermometer and it'd be way more trouble than it's worth. – Jefromi Sep 28 '13 at 14:52

You absolutely can. I boiled some eggs last night. Ran them under cold water and put them in the fridge. Went to eat them today and they were too soft, like, whites still runny too soft. Stuck them back in boiling water for a few minutes today and then ran 'em under cold water again. They were perfect! Delicious, perfect texture, perfect. You can absolutely re-boil them!

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